Monday, January 17, 2011

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Episode 1 Review.

I started looking at the new spring animes and this one caught my eye just from the title. I love zombies so why not give it a try. The creators must have sneaked into my brain and saw everything I loved and put it into an anime. There is a zombie, magical girl, a PINK chainsaw!! I have to emphasize the pink in there, There might be an idol in there, fan service... What more can I ask for. And mind you this is just the first episode. This is for sure one of the animes I will be keeping up with this season.Kore wa zombie desu ka means Is this a zombie, has a light novel and a couple mangas. Now it has become and anime. Which I am soo glad it did.
The story starts off with Aikawa Ayumi who is the zombie in the story but he goes to school like a normal boy. You find out later that he was killed by a serial killer and has a vengeances to find his killer. He lives with a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe who brought him back from the dead for reasons unknown. One night he is out and about when he runs into a magical girl. Some how he takes her magical powers without trying and now has become a zombie male magical girl.
Oh and did I mention the magical girl uses the chainsaw I mentioned earlier.. XD
I might even think of cosplaying her too. Maybe not this year since I have soo many already.

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  1. I recommend Fruits Basket, Ghost in the Shell, Rosario Vampire, or Inuyasha.

  2. I have actually watched ALL of those haha. I spend so much time watching anime. Seen most of those back in high school and middle school.