Sunday, January 16, 2011

Abunai Kawaii

I thought today I should talk a little but about my own idol group Abunai Kawaii. We have been low on the radar since we got together because as soon as Mei the head maid of Ichigo Cafe saw me and Kiyoko perform she wanted us in her maid cafe. From 2008 to 2010 AK has been apart of Ichigo Cafe and all of performances were done within the cafe with our maid sisters. Yukka who is our newest third member joined the maid cafe just before it's hiatus. She is such an amazing dancer and was a big fan too. She was a perfect addition to the idol group.
Now it is 2011, our big year to get into gear. WE all made our own blogger just for the 3 of us.
We used to all have separate blogs but I believe this makes it easier for all our fans to read about what we are doing in our lives and what we have planed for the group.
We have a couple of conventions coming up in Las Vegas that we will be performing at/working at. (I will post those up later! )
I am so excited to be visiting everyone again. Moving away from AK has been so hard on me but we work hard everyday so when we get together our performances really show all our love.
I have some people "attack" us for not really understanding what we represent. Many American otakus only see the famous glamorous idols and not the small Akiba-kei idols who perform on the streets of Akihabara. We are not looking for fame
or money. Not even popularity. We are doing this because we love dancing and singing and most of all we love our anime community. Me personally, I have had a tough life and have always dreamed of becoming a pop star. This is kinda like my dream coming true. In that retrospective I want others to see that no matter what your dreams are they can come true. So I am not a rich diva or anything, I still get to go on a stage and perform for people who matter, and to me that is all I need to consider my dream fulfilled.
I am excited for all the new adventures this year will take us! For more information on my AK sisters check out the link above for our joint blog.

~~ Is there something you want to see me write about? Just mention in the comments and I will get on writing it. Love, Your local idol.~~~

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